How to Eat and Workout Best for Your Body Type – Somatotypes 101

Can Miriam ever look like Cat? Can Cat ever look like Miriam?

“I would like to discuss body types and how that relates to style of eating and exercising. My dear friend and Studio SWEAT trainer, Brian, said that I have helped him release some body expectations when I compared us to dog breeds and how we should stay within our breed. This comes up for many people, so let’s talk about it!

We each have a specific somatotype (body type), which is a combination of your musculature, your…”

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Are certain exercise regimes better suited to the body types or combination body types please? I’m tall but struggle with weight gain/slow metabolism, do 5 classes a week and eat carefully so should I be doing more of one type of class tha another please?
Gabrielle (Sydney)

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Hi Gabriella. You’re putting the work in so that’s great to hear. I think the best thing you can do is mix it up! Do some all cardio (like StraightUp Spin), make sure you’re getting total body strength in at least twice a week (like with a Spin Sculpt, Boot Camp, Body Sculpt, etc) and then maybe add a mindbody class (like a yoga or pilates) for one. And, the bottom line is the more minutes you put in, the more you burn so don’t shy away from the full hour workouts. You can do it! PS- I’m tall too and my metabolism is slowing down every year, so I have to work harder to burn what I used to. Such is life!

I LOVE studio sweat and have recommended it to many people. I love the spin and sculpt classes. You guys make me feel strong and able!!! I struggle with body issues and really enjoyed this article. Im working on accepting what i was given…which is pretty good if i could ever accept that! Im probably a mesomorph wanting to be an ectomorph. Thank you so much for brightening my workouts..moods..and days. Thank you to all the trainers! I am blessed to have come across this💞

Cassie thank you for sharing! I’m a mesomorph and it’s great. Acceptance is the most freeing thing. I know you can get there and if you ever need counseling let me know! We are here for you. 🙂
Keep up the stellar work