The Best Exercises at Your Desk – Posture Exercises at Your Desk.

Fellow desk dwellers… this one’s for you!

Chances are you spend more time at our desk than you do anything else in life. While sitting all day might not seem physically demanding, it can cause some severe strain on your shoulders, back, wrists or neck! Luckily Studio SWEAT onDemand’s Cat Kom and special guest, Donald from Kinetic Impact, are here to help you survive sitting for hours at your desk by offering some instructive tips, and demonstrating some of the best exercises you can do at your desk to keep feeling and looking good!

When it comes to posture while seated, variance is key. Instead of demonizing certain postures and focusing on a single static position, feel free to switch it up by shifting around in your chair, crossing alternating legs, and stretching. By implementing more movement throughout your day, your back will gain a steady flow of nutrients that will repair your aching discs, muscles, and ligaments.

In addition to changing positions while sitting down, set a timer for every 40 minutes to get up and do something! Grab some water, go to the bathroom, or just do a lap around your office. It’s the perfect time for some “water cooler” talk.

Last, but not least, Cat & Donald will demonstrate some amazing exercises for you to do at your desk that focus not only on the body, but the mind as well. Think stress reducing desk exercises!

So, watch this video in full to learn some of the best exercises to do at your desk to keep your mind and body healthy whether you’re on email or walking your dog!

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