The 3 Pillars of Good Health with Cat & Brian

You wanna help others? Welllllllllll… great, but you gotta put your own mask on before assisting others.

In this vlog, Cat (founder of Studio SWEAT onDemand [SSoD]), and popular SSoD fitness trainer, Brian, chat about the 3 areas of your life that ARE in your control when so many things are not things you can control. So here are the 3 pillars of good health we’d like you to use to keep your balance.


Cat suggests you really focus on feeding your body nutrients that serve it, instead of focusing on restriction. Now she’s not saying you should sit on the couch and binge (that is NOT what she means), and when you’re bored that’s easy to do. What she means is that when you’re reaching in that fridge or pantry ask yourself, “Is this going to provide me nutrients?” If the answer is yes, well great, proceed. Just do try to limit those where the answer is no.


Brian breaks this area down into 3 pillars of its own. Sleep, mental/sanity, & body recovery.

  • Sleep – try to stay on a set schedule. Trust us, it will help. Another simple tip is to be mindful about screen time, like not watching TV in bed before you go lights out and cutting phone time an hour before you hit the hay.
  • Mental/Sanity – Breathe, let yourself feel, and laugh… A LOT.
  • Body Recovery – Per the norm, take your rest day each week and listen to your body, but keep it movin’!


You gots to keep movin’! I beg you to not become one with your couch. Consistent exercise is so important to keep your energy up, your immune system boosted, your weight healthy, and your muscles strong. And you don’t need special equipment. You ALL have the number one tool it takes to exercise – your body.

Whether you go for a jog outside, run some stairs, or click play on one of Studio SWEAT onDemand’s body-weight classes like Yoga-lates with Tatiana, HIIT with Cat, or Dance Cardio with Fever, you can get it done. Try it for free by creating a login HERE if you haven’t already btw.

If you practice keeping your stool balanced with these 3 pillars of good health, not only will you feel better, but so will everyone around you. And don’t sweat the small stuff, but do sweat. 😊