Cat Kom’s Healthy AND Happy Holiday Survival Guide

What up guys!

Here come the Holidays. The time of year where the average American gains 5 pounds. Holy snap! Now you expect me to tell you to plan and prepare the Healthiest Thanksgiving ever, with tips and tricks on how to do so. Well, I’m not gonna. I’m gonna tell you what I believe is more realistic, and what won’t have your family and friends not want to be near you as the “Health Nazi” of the bunch.

I love the holidays. I have FUN. I laugh. I stress (let’s be honest). I celebrate. I might tear it up a little. Ha! So understand that I’m NOT telling you not to have fun. Just be mindful of what you’re doing. Don’t take that “I’ll work it off in the New Year” attitude. I can’t stand that! Find YOUR balance.

I’m a list person, so here’s the list of things I do or think about that keep me healthy AND happy through the Holidays.

Cat Kom Healthy AND Happy Holiday Survival Guide

1.  I try to think in advance. Before I go to a party, friends for dinner, kid’s event, etc. I might eat something healthy and filling from home. That doesn’t mean I won’t taste something or eat a smaller meal there (I don’t want to be rude), but it means I’ll be less likely to eat and drink a ton there.

2.  I drink water between each “other” beverage. If I’m drinking wine I just put water right in my wine glass so I still “feel” festive.

3.  Sometimes I add some sparkling water to my cocktail. Like I’ll take ½ a glass of wine and add sparkling water to it, making it a spritzer. I still feel festive, I consume less calories, AND it hydrates me.

4.  If I’m hosting or bringing something to share I do make/bring some healthy options, along with some traditional favorites. And I NEVER make people feel badly for bringing whatever they want. I’ve found that when I put a big sexy, but simple, salad out with baby spinach, lil’ oil and vinegar, some yummy pine nuts, a pinch of bacon, and maybe some tender cubed grilled chicken… people go nuts over it so I make plenty! The key here… get it out and on display early! I don’t push it, but I pile it on a plate that I’m walking around with, and it makes everyone WANT some.

5.  I don’t make things “off limits”. I have a cookie, sometimes 2, but it’s not like that’s gluttony. I keep it in check, but balanced.

6.  I DO know about how many calories things have that I put in my body. I just do. If you don’t… find out. Why? See below.

7.  Work it off. GET YOUR WORKOUTS IN!  Let’s say that I assume I consumed about 1000 extra calories over the weekend. Well, OK… not great, but it is what it is. I’m not gonna beat myself up about it, but I am gonna handle it! For me that means two EXTRA (beyond what I normally do) 45 to 60min workouts that next week. Fine, pay the piper. Done. No excuses. No floggings. Just some extra SWEATing to get done. Now I have to run during Chloe’s soccer practice.List of Candy and Calories

8.  I don’t let things snowball. Let’s say I overindulge at lunch. What a lot of people do is they have this, “Screw it. I already blew today.” attitude. That’s just being a defeatist. Lame. Don’t just add to it and snowball unless you want to actually look like a snowman. Keep it in check the rest of the day. That holds true for Holiday trips too.

9.  I think to myself, “Is it worth it?” when I’m about to stick something in my mouth. I’ll think, “Ok, so this mini snickers is 75 calories. That equals about 2 hard Spin songs. Is it worth it?”. Sometimes the answer is, “Heck yeah it is!”, and other times, “No frickin way.”. Confession time… I’ve even thought about that when I was chewing something, and then spit it out. Ha!

10.  I try to focus more on what I eat as compared to what I don’t. Did I get 3 servings of veggies in? Did I get enough protein in and at the right times? Did I drink enough water? If you do that, then you feel less “restricted” and more like you’re just trying to make sure you stay strong and healthy. It’s just a better place to be mentally, ya know? And the side effect is that you eat and drink less food that does nothing to fuel your body.

I hope this helps guys. I’m just keepin’ it real. Now if only I could write a guide on how to survive your in-laws. I’d be a rich woman if I could figure that one out, huh! 😉

You got this,