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On The Ultimate At-Home Spin® Package

To make sure you can stay fit and healthy from the comfort of your own home right now, we’ve decided to bring back our Black Friday Deal! That means we're giving $400 off The Bike Bundle Set, by Studio SWEAT onDemand! You’ll get everything you need to keep up a well-rounded fitness routine at home including one of the best indoor cycling bikes around, access to our huge library of virtual workouts and more.

Only $1,999

Only $1,599


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This Bike Bundle Set is an incredible deal, but if you've got a little less in the budget...


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It's just a great consumer-grade bike & the classes. Enough to get it done and feel great!

As featured in

Get the best indoor cycling bike + a full year of virtual workouts,
for a fraction of the price of the competition!

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Meet the ultimate
home Spinning® package

  • Precor Spinner® Ride Belt studio-grade commercial Spin® bike
  • Spinning Connect™ heart rate monitor
  • Spinning BIO HR™ Wireless Computer to track RPM, distance, calorie burn & more
  • 12 months of the best online Spin classes
  • Customized weekly workout plans
  • Expert nutritional tips


Continental U.S. Only & Please Allow 2 to 4 Weeks for Delivery.

*ROKU is a Certified Refurbished Express model. TV and tablet not included.

Total Price:




You can get in on this deal without losing any AAP time you’ve already paid for.

You will just need to cancel your current subscription. Then after your purchase of the Bike Bundle, Contact Us and we will add any remaining time from your cancelled pass to your new pass associated with your Bike Bundle. 

Calling all existing AAP Members!

How does the Bike Bundle Set stack up?

After the first year, Studio SWEAT onDemand membership is $19/month compared to $39/month with the competition. That's an ongoing savings of almost 50% per month!



The Pelo-tition


Total Price

Real Studio Environment with Real People

Weekly Motivational Messages 

Travel Workouts

Nutritional Tips 

Customized Workout Plans 

10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60 & Even 90 Minute
Classes onDemand 24/7

Stream on Any Screen, Including Your TV or Tablet*

Studio-grade commercial Spin® bike with Belt Drive

Heart Rate Monitor

Live Streaming Classes

World Class Trainers

Real-time Leaderboard

Full Length off the Bike Workouts, like Yoga and Bootcamp

12-Month Subscription Included

*TV and tablet not included



Hundreds of online workouts. 

World-class trainers. 

Stream on any screen.

To enhance your Spinning® classes, Studio SWEAT onDemand offers hundreds of other full-length workouts (50 min+) to give you total-body fitness. New classes are added weekly and you can access the full library of classes anywhere from your smartphone or tablet.

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Why is Studio SWEAT onDemand better than the rest? 

We don't use actors or fitness models. We are real trainers helping you get real results, and you'll be working alongside other everyday people, just like you.

T H E  N E X T  L E V E L  B I K E

Welcome to Commercial-Grade.

Unlike the competition’s home-grade bike, our commercial Spin® bike is designed at the professional level, able to withstand the constant wear-and-tear of a busy studio, minimizing maintenance and maximizing the stability of your ride.

B E Y O N D  S P I N N I N G

The Full Gym Experience.

To enhance your Spinning classes, Studio SWEAT onDemand offers hundreds of other workouts like 15-Min Yoga Stretches, 45-Min Bootcamps, and our favorite... Spin Sculpt Fusion. 

New classes are added weekly.






Dance Cardio





and more!


Real People, Real Results.

We don't use any actors or models, we're just real people like you, getting real results. And with support from our worldwide community of dedicated members behind you, you'll overcome any obstacle.

The time is now for virtual fitness. 

Your Backstage Pass includes

  • Customized workout plans: carefully designed to fit your body type and workout goals
  • Weekly nutritional tips: to help you stay on track with your health
  • Personal motivation: keep your eyes on the prize with weekly motivational messages from our founder, Cat Kom!
  • Usually $5 a month, we’re including this personalized training free for your first year.


The Backstage Pass from Studio SWEAT onDemand gives you the extra push you need to truly smash your goals. 

“I’ve gone to the gym on and off for years, but nothing worked for me as well as Studio SWEAT onDemand. The day I purchased this amazing bike and package, my life changed. I feel better, I’ve blown past my goal weight, and I get to take all of these amazing classes on my schedule, from my living room TV. I’m a convert for life.”

—Jamie from Vancouver

Ready for the best in fitness, right at home? 

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