Bike & Barre July 13, 2017

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Bike & Barre is one of the west coast’s most trending cycling fusion classes on the market.

Get your sweat streaming and your legs hot with about 40 minutes of hardcore cycling, before moving into a leg sculpting, booty firming, muscle lengthening, 25 minute barre training, using your bike as the barre! Time to stretch, lengthen, and strengthen your muscles to create a strong and balanced body.

Equipment Needed:
-Gliding discs or paper plates
-A soft med ball, beach ball, or rolled up towel
-Set of Light Dumbbells (or substitute a couple of water bottles)

Here's what people said about “Bike & Barre July 13, 2017”

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Done. Thank you Carolyn. Great spin. I need to get a ball for barre next time. I’m sure I will feel this tomorrow.

User Photo 32535

Wow i’ve never done a class like this before, I love it…I found out pretty fast which side is my dominant side – have to work on that. My heart rate was in the red zone for the entire spin part … sweating buckets

User Photo 120

Carolyn, I love your encouraging style that allows me to dig just that bit deeper than I thought I could. Somehow you know just when to say – you can do it!

Barre is NOT for sissies. Oh my goodness, I WILL remember you tomorrow.

Heather Loenen

Carolyn, oh my gosh, LOVED IT, such an awesome class… More barre please 🙂 yo have a pretty motivating style.

User Photo 1763

Squeal!!! This was fabulous!! Carolyn has such a great way of pushing me at the exact moment I need!! The bike was tough and the Barre!!!??? What the what??!! It was HARD!

Just …WOW!! What incredible muscle isolation on those barre moves. I’ve ever done it before, I could see easily becoming a barre junkie.

User Photo 15317

Carolyn! I love your classes and you are looking super fit!! This was a 10/10 effort class for me which I was not expecting! The spin was crazy tough but up pushed me through it. The barre was fab! I am 0/10 flexible so I think this combined stretch and strength type exercise will help. Hope there is more barre very soon! Thank u for keeping us all up in trend, especially for those of us way out in the sticks 😂 x

OMG, I can’t believe how much my heart rate stayed up during barre! I already know I am gonna be SORE tomorrow, ouch!

Loved this class! Was so excited to learn these classes were coming I couldn’t wait and you did not disappoint🤗🤗🤗

I love this!! The barre is so much harder than you would think but I love the variety that y’all offer!! Thanks so much!!

User Photo 22886

“If you want results, you gotta PUSH!!” Well said, Carolyn!! I LOVED this class- the spin portion was really tough and I loved the barre class!! I’ve never done barre, and I hope you post more of them. Great class👏👏👏

Libby, thanks so much. I think we will do more. The feedback has been overwhlemingly amazing. I am thrilled you liked it.

MORE. OF. THESE. PLEASE! My two favorite workouts rolled into one. Loved it. The spin segment was great, and the Barre segment was an awesome way to get strength after cardio. Would love to see some variations of this that have more arm movements. This is definitely an instant favorite. 880 calories burned was a bit of an added bonus. 😉 As always, thank you for listening to what your users want and continuing to evolve to meet our requests. 👍

User Photo 22713

Wow Carolyn that was super tough..and those stretches and pulses in the barre the challenge..cheers.!!

👍for OHIO! Instant favorite! Bike was awesome and burn from the Barre – excellent! Need some discs! Thanks for bringing Barre to us😉

User Photo 17530

WOW! That was intense, but so fun. I’m going to feel those muscles tomorrow! Loved this class Carolyn- more please. Also – what type of ball should I look for to purchase. I used a semi-deflated volleyball ’cause that’s all I had.

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Holy Moly! Thank You for this class.
Thank You for using the resistance on the bike. This is My new favorite!
3times this week. I love it.
Please do more classes like this for us on demanders!